Summoning voices: a conversation with Alexandra Duvekot

A conversation with Alexandra Duvekot that took place during the Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making July 8-9.23 in Goethe Institut Rotterdam and at

In the conversation you can hear Alexandra talking about her artistic and sonic journey, her project Meduse Magiq, sonic piece The Witch Choir and the importance of collectivity in her work.

Alexandra Duvekot (1984) is a musician, writer, and visual artist. In her work, she examines how our perception influences the way we deal with ourselves and our environment, and how our imagination can help us to explore alternative points of view. Alexandra Duvekot graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie at the Image and Language department in 2013. During her work as a musician she started to focus more on the performance aspect. Writing short poetry, lyrics and music funnelled into composing performances and conceptual installations where sound and voice is combined with language and visual art. Her work on stage creates an opportunity to build up different dimensions and to experiment with projects where art, science and sound become one. On-going research, collaboration and interaction with the audience is a major part of Duvekot’s work. Often the artist herself holds a lecture on her research or gives the opportunity to scientists, sonologists, musicians or writers to reflect on her findings and open a dialogue with the audience in her work. This results in questions and themes that recur in her work. An artistic research often ends with a question. In 2014 she set up sound art collective Meduse MagiQ which is located in an old church in Amsterdam and operates as a radio station, a record label, festival curator and a space for collaboration between several international (female) musicians and artists. Working collectively is of immense importance in her work and she supports the collaboration of different collectives working around the concept of art and sound.
Sonic With choir:
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Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making

Words make language, language makes stories, and stories make worlds

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