Next broadcast 25.09.2023, 7PM, at Page Not Found, The Hague

Radio Echo X Page Not Found

  • We are kicking of the fall season

  • 19:30 (CET) Introduction by Renata Mirón: Séance Open Letter

  • 19:40 (CET) In conversation with Rietlanden Women's Office, a continuation of Summoning Voices

  • 20:40 (CET) Echoing words of ... Taken from the Lips. Gender and Eros in Mesoamerican Religionsby Silvia Marcos

  • 21:40 (CET) Caterina Santullo introduces Sarah Kane

  • This evening will be dedicated to feminist publishing and writing practices, live from Page Not Found. The evening will also touch upon Renata Mirón’s Séance, a body of text in which she channels the spirits of many witches. Page Not Found is displaying Séance on their gallery window until Oct. 1st, pass by and have a read!


Radio Echo is broadcasting every last Monday of the month. We are a location-independent radio collective focused on reverberating stories overshadowed by long-unexamined and -unrevised world views. From an intersectional feminist standpoint we echo stories through our own voices and experiences to work the ground of a landscape for multiple voices to thrive and create vibrations that subvert the main narratives. We are open for collaborations. Radio Echo members are Sophie Allerding, Beatrice Cera, Lina von Jaruntowski, Lea Novi, Emilia Martin and Renata Mirón.