Summoning voices: a conversation with Alexander Cromer

A conversation with Alexander Cromer that took place during the Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making July 8-9.23 in Goethe Institut Rotterdam and at

In the conversation you can hear Alexander talking about his Phd where he researches on voice, his spoken word practice, and his fascination with voices.

Alexander is an artistic researcher pursuing his PhD with PhDArts at Leiden University. He uses his spoken word performance practice as a research tool to investigate facets of black epistemology and phenomenology that are conjured through voice during a performance event. In his off time he enjoys cooking, hanging out with his cat, and playing (maybe too much) Zelda.

Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making

Words make language, language makes stories, and stories make worlds

Radio Echo is summoning a diversity of voices of storytellers, artists, radio makers, community builders, researchers and activists during a two day radio symposium, online at our radio platform and physically at the Goethe Institut Rotterdam. Through a series of conversations, dj sets and vocal experimentations that weave a multilayered broadcast that touches upon methods to reimagine the realities that define our lives. With it we challenge normative understandings of being together and compose a web of solidarity amongst our communities. We aim to provide a space where many disciplines can intersect, nurture each other and find a channel to influence the world with a touch of our magic.