Summoning Voices: In conversation with POSSY & Ouza Collectives

A conversation with members of POSSY and Ousa collectives that took place during the Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making July 8-9.23 in Goethe Institut Rotterdam and at In the conversation you can hear members of the collectives talking about their newest collective project Sweaty Dwellings and their insights into collective practices.

Possy is a music and art collective, fostering a higher FLINTA* presence in Hamburg’s club culture and cultural scene. (FLINTA* stands for women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people. The * is meant to include all people who do not identify with the terms mentioned, but are patriarchally discriminated against because of their gender).
Ousa is a collective bringing together the art of illustration and social change. Ouse translates to "daring to do something" and that’s what this collective does. Ousa was formed in January 2020 out of a desire to positively influence the dynamics of the white-dominated illustration community by creating more visibility for black, people of colour and (post-)migrant illustrators.
Sweaty Dwellings. Sweat means bodily material of relation; dwelling means to occupy a place, to build a space for one’s own body. With and through our bodies we tell stories; we inhabit, build, and relate to worlds. In this sense we understand Sweaty Dwellings as a pleasurable mess — the shared bodily urgency to make things public — claim a space. This urgency is accompanied by the desire to give these stories a place to dwell in cohabitation — a publication. But we do not want to erect monuments for eternity, instead we use our sticky hands to construct temporary practices in the present. As we build and dwell, we try to dismantle exclusionary narratives that are only constructed for some. Such narratives in which Othered bodies are left placeless. Sweaty Dwellings emerged as an outcome of the collaborative efforts of Ousa and Possy, along with a group of remarkable accomplices. Their collaboration centred around exploring themes of accessibility, community, and the transformative power of publishing. Through the creation of a temporary collective, they embarked on a series of workshops, ultimately giving birth to an experimental online publication and a radio program, both serving as experimental platforms for their artistic endeavour
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Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making

Words make language, language makes stories, and stories make worlds

Radio Echo is summoning a diversity of voices of storytellers, artists, radio makers, community builders, researchers and activists during a two day radio symposium, online at our radio platform and physically at the Goethe Institut Rotterdam. Through a series of conversations, dj sets and vocal experimentations that weave a multilayered broadcast that touches upon methods to reimagine the realities that define our lives. With it we challenge normative understandings of being together and compose a web of solidarity amongst our communities. We aim to provide a space where many disciplines can intersect, nurture each other and find a channel to influence the world with a touch of our magic.