Summoning Voices: A DJ set by Mariëtte Groot

A Dj set by Mariëtte Groot that took place during the Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making July 8-9.23 in Goethe Institut Rotterdam and at

Mariëtte Groot has been working for WORM, the Institute of Avantgardistic Recreation in Rotterdam, ever since its beginnings. Two relevant activities for WORM have been: running the WORM shop with books, films and records, and founding the RE#SISTER community, operating from WORM’s electronic studio. The WORM shop has morphed into a mobile and on-line shop called Underbelly Soundartmedia; RE#SISTER has evolved rapidly in a vibrant group of female and non-binary people, responding to its ethos of accessibility, do-it-yourself experimentation and learning, supporting those who tend to be underrepresented in sound art, as well as in electronic and improvised music. Mariëtte herself plays free-flowing music, either solo or with others, using her voice, synths, samples and small acoustic instruments.

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Summoning voices - A radio symposium on feminist world making

Words make language, language makes stories, and stories make worlds

Radio Echo is summoning a diversity of voices of storytellers, artists, radio makers, community builders, researchers and activists during a two day radio symposium, online at our radio platform and physically at the Goethe Institut Rotterdam. Through a series of conversations, dj sets and vocal experimentations that weave a multilayered broadcast that touches upon methods to reimagine the realities that define our lives. With it we challenge normative understandings of being together and compose a web of solidarity amongst our communities. We aim to provide a space where many disciplines can intersect, nurture each other and find a channel to influence the world with a touch of our magic.