H&D Summer Talks part 3 - The Queer Arcana - Club Fantasy

Recording of the second event of H&D Public Program of the Summer Academy Connecting Otherwise 2022. For more info click here.

The Queer Arcana is a theatre/game collective that organises theatre shows in which a group of drag performers play Dungeons and Dragons on a live theatre stage. Queer Arcana tries to enhance the visibility of queer gamers and investigates what happens when you overlap different subcultures in art and design. The members are working towards setting up a large digital and analogue gaming community where gaming is used as a tool for strengthening social cohesion, and as a way to explore the self regarding gender identity, humanity, and position in life. The lecture-performance will address the evolution of non-binary drag and how it has influenced the queer community’s discussions of gender identity.

Radio Echo was commissioned to document H&D SUmmer Academy with radio and photography.

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