H&D Connecting Otherwise Summer Talks part 1 - VLTK, a talk by Cristina Cochior and Julie Boschat-Thorez (varia)

VLTK is an ongoing research project that aims to connect the vernacular to “language processing”, a practice that refers to any kind of computational treatment of language. By combining these two, it explores what forms of “vernacular language processing” there could be. The project is initiated by Cristina Cochior, Julie Boschat-Thorez and Manetta Berends.

varia is a member-based organisation in Rotterdam (Charlois), focused on everyday technology. It uses the term everyday technology to break through the vision of old and new technology, or smart and not so smart technology by looking more at the appropriateness of what each technology does in a particular situation, while trying to understand whose everyday is meant by the term, to not include one single world view, but to acknowledge that everyone engages with technology in a different way.

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Radio Echo was commissioned to document H&D Summer Academy with radio and photography.

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