H&D Connecting Otherwise Summer Talks part 1 - Internet: the Musical, a performance by Question Collective

A live performance and talk with Questions Collective, an Amsterdam based interdisciplinary female identifying collective who combine shared backgrounds in design, art, theater, music and choreography across workshops, performances, exhibitions and theater productions.

Internet: the Musical researches creative collaboration through performances and workshops. We propose different modes of collective working that are part of the world building process and move away from the idea of a single exclusive event or story. The project is based upon the creative commons code Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. As participants join, contribute, perform, or give feedback they become part of the next round of material and framework which ITM grows within. The process is circular and hybrid, becoming a creative starting point for the following workshops, performances, and creative direction.

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Radio Echo was commissioned to document H&D Summer Academy with radio and photography.

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